North Hills Community Association - About us

The North Hills Community Association (NHCA), a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in the North Oakland Hills area bounded by:

It also includes homes located in the city of Berkeley adjacent to these boundaries.

The mission and purpose of the NHCA is to develop and sustain a community that is safe, beautiful and a welcoming place in which to live; the NHCA seeks to keep residents informed and promotes community involvement in local issues.
Cognizant of the dangers of fire and earthquake, we strive to encourage neighbors to be prepared for such emergency situations that come with living in the hills of the Bay Area. Getting to know one's neighbors not only makes life more pleasant, it is a vital first step in creating a web of safety.
North Hills Community functions as an advocacy group that speaks for neighborhood issues such as fire safety at City Hall and elsewhere. It disseminates information about decisions or services which impact the community.
We depend for our strength on the membership and commitment of neighbors. We invite you to join NHCA. Our annual membership meeting is in March. Our Board meets regularly on the third Tuesday of the month. Meeting locations and times will be confirmed each month on the Announcements community board (see below) and on this website in the calender section.

On this website, you can subscribe to our online community bulletin board, OpenForum, as well as Announcements, to receive news updates directly from the Association :
Please join us; get involved in your community! Even if you do not attend meetings, your membership, interest and dues ensure that our voice continues to speak for safety and the improvement of our neighborhood.
Our most current bylaws can be found here. If interested in our financial statements, please send an email to

Board Information
Please click here to view board meeting minutes. If interested in joining our board in 2013, please click here to download and complete an application, then email it to

2017 Board


 Chris Johnson

 Vice Chair

 Pam Swafford 

 Vice Chair – Public Safety

 Jim Dexter


 David McGuinness


 Teresa Ferguson

 Member at Large

 Carolyn Burgess

 Member at Large

 John Colbert

 Member at Large

 Maria Distler

 Member at Large

 Lynn Hovland

 Member at Large

 David Kessler

 Member at Large

 Gordon Piper

 Member at Large

 Ann Wilson

Mailing Address:

North Hills Community Association
PO Box 5844
Berkeley, CA 94705


Emergency: 444-1616 (or 911 from a landline only)
Fire Inspector Questions: (Enrique Orduna, Wildfire Prevention District Inspector)
For the senior / disabled person 911 registry form, please click here.
For information, Fire Station #7 located at 1006 Amito Drive at the
intersection of Gravatt.
For a map of all Oakland Fire Stations, click here.
Oakland Police
Emergency: 777-3211 (from a cellphone or landline in Oakland)
Emergency: 911 (from a landline only)
Report patterns of burglary in our area: (David Allison, Area One Captain)
Non-Emergency: 777-3333
Download our flyer with Home Security Tips.
Request a Security Survey of your property by calling Brenda Ivey at 238-3091. Read more under Prevent Residential Burglary on this page.
Access the Online Reporting System
Berkeley Police
Police Dispatch: 981-5911 (from a cellphone or landline in Berkeley)
Emergency: 911 (from a landline only)
Non-Emergency: 981-5900
Wildlife Rescue
Montclair Wildcare Vet / 510-339-8600
Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue & Education Center / 510-421-YUWR (9897) or
Alexander Lindsey Museum rehab hospital (Walnut Creek) / 925-935-1978
Fix our Ferals
International Bird Rescue / 707.207.0380
Wildcare (San Rafael)
Do NOT touch wild animals without gloves
ATTENTION - If the animal you have found is a bat, skunk, fox or coyote, do not handle the animal with bare hands. Because these animals are rabies-vector species, they MUST be handled with gloves or towels! It is a strict rule in California that if someone touches a rabies-vector animal directly, the animal MUST be euthanized and tested for rabies to ensure the health and safety of the finder and the c
ommunity. Sirens The monthly emergency siren test is the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon. It lasts about 30 seconds. For your safety, please make an effort to listen for the sirens, i.e., step out of your home and determine if the siren can be heard at all, faintly, or very well.
Click here for a FAQ about the sirens. Click here for to view the siren system for the 3 nearby cities and a map showing Oakland’s siren locations. The sirens were located/situated to get the most coverage but due to terrain issues, there are areas with less noise from the siren.
A centralized computer identifies malfunctions at individual siren sites and a technician is sent out to test or repair as needed. If OES or Fire Dispatch gets a call that the siren is not working, the computer and the individual siren are checked.
Crime Report Maps
Crime Reports
Crime Mapping
Neighborhood Specific Crime Maps
Spot Crime - Panoramic Hill
Spot Crime - Claremont
Spot Crime - Berkeley
Spot Crime - Hiller Highlands
Spot Crime - Glen Highlands
Spot Crime - Merriewood
Spot Crime - Forestland